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    "As a medical treatment, hydro-hyperthermia uses warm water to artificially raise a person’s core body temperature, mimicking a fever response, and has been found to alleviate symptoms of pain and chronic inflammation." Deseret News-Brandview Article

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    Lyme Disease

    Hyperthermia is highly effective at killing many strains of borrelia. Our treatment stresses this bacteria in many ways including but not limited to Hyperthermia, Hyperoxygenation, Alkaline enviroment, PEMF, G-force.

    Immune Disorders

    Induced fever increases production of natural killer and helper cells, thus providing a immune system increase. Research studies suggest that immune cell function is shape by adrenergic signalling pathways associated with thermogenesis (hyperthermia).

    Chronic Depression

    Research study suggest that whole body hyperthermia (WBH) holds promise as a safe, rapid-acting, antidepressant modality with a prolonged therapeutic benefit. "A single session of WBH produced a clear antidepressant signal, rates of response and remission at each postintervention assessment".


    "Very high temperatures can kill cancer cells outright (thermal ablation), but they also can injure or kill normal cells and tissues. This is why hyperthermia must be carefully controlled and should be done by doctors who are experienced in using it." www.cancer.org


    "Application of mild whole-body hyperthermia in fibromyalgia resulted in significant reduction of pain immediately after the treatment, and after nine hyperthermia treatments during three weeks, pain no longer reached its pre-treatment level." Research Study

    Metal and Drug Toxicity

    Hyperthermia Detox Therapy is a highly beneficial treatment that can be used for a variety of conditions as it aids the elimination of highly damaging toxins and waste products from the body’s cells and tissues.

  • Our Integrative Medicine Approach

    Looking at the body as a whole, giving it what it needs to function optimally and removing toxins and barriers that prevent or disrupt the body’s intelligence. This is what we all need.

    Our Functional Medicine approach includes a plethora of testing and diagnostic options not usually offered by conventional practitionerS, as well as a nutritional-based and energetic approach to restoring cellular function in the body.

    LIFE Health Centers promises to provide the convergence of science-based non-invasive modalities, modern technology and human touch for superior health benefits and outcomes to those in need. We ensure the utmost integrity and focus on evidence-based treatment success so you and your family can feel confident in your treatment and the irradiation of disease.

    We promise to make consistent effort to get you home and back to the life you love as quickly as possible but with more education and a feeling of empowerment, so you know how to maximize your body’s innate ability to fight disease and stay engaged with those you love.

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    May 15, 2020 · hyperthermia,life health centers,fever,cancer,Lyme Disease
    Life Health Centers offers multiple unique modalities that better equip your body to combat disease. One of those modalities is hyperthermia, the process of artificially inducing fever like temperatures in the body. The benefits of pumping the body up to fever-like temperatures have been well...
    May 15, 2020 · Hyperthermia,Lyme Disease,Depression and Drugs,Immune System,Fibromyalgia
    Cancerous tissues are very susceptible. Heat can destroy cell membranes, effectively killing the cell. Heat also changes tumors’ microenvironment, making them more vulnerable to agents like chemo, radiation, or even vitamin C. Contact us at Life Health Centers for a consultation today. ...

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